• Частное предприятие
    “Научно-производственная фирма СВК”
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Private Enterprise Research and Production Company SVK engaged in also scientific developments and gives engineerings services in the different areas of chemistry.
It actually:

  • Leadthrough of inspections and delivery of recommendations on optimization of charts energy- and water consumptions, cleanings of sewer and applications ecologically of safe materials for the productions of anticorrosive defence;
  • Planning, technological and financial providing of workshops and areas of galvanic and paint and varnish coverages, areas of preparation of surface;
  • Planning, technological and financial providing, supplying with the equipment of workshops on the production of chemical goods;
  • Development and introduction of technologies of utilization of wastes of chemical productions;
  • Scientific developments and supplying with technologies in the workshops of chemical production;
  • Supplying with technologies is accompanied author control, and support of client with departures into place.