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    “Научно-производственная фирма СВК”
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Private Enterprise Research and Production Company SVK engaged in manufacturingchemical products of industrial value, household chemicals for daily use, development andprovision of technology and engineeringservices, as well as the production of joinery.

The firm employs qualified professional staff,which numbers more than 150 employees, andour company employs 23 candidates of sciences. Our company has two industrial basefor production of multipurpose chemicalproducts, as well as on the basis of the enterprise, there are several laboratories thatconducted the study and there is quality controlof products and raw materials.

Currently, work is underway on the construction and organization of multi-chemical plant on a plot of land in 5 ha. Our firm hasalmost 13 years, holds leading positions inUkraine in the supply of industrial chemistry.Over the years our customer base is about 10 000 enterprises.

Our awards:

According to the results of Dnipropetrovsk municipal and regional competitions our private company “Research and production company SVK” received the title “The best employer of 2003″, in 2004 the company won the competition “The Highest Grade” and in 2005 our company became the winner of the contest ” The best domestic manufacturer, the best innovation project”.

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