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    “Научно-производственная фирма СВК”
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About a company
Hello, welcome you on the site of our firm the STATE of emergency “NPF SVK”. In this section you can get short-story information about our firm.
Private Enterprise Research and Production Company SVK is engaged in the production of chemical goods of commercial-size, to domestic chemistry for daily needs, by development and grant of technologies and engineerings services, and also by the production of millworks. A skilled professional collective which counts more than 150 employees works into a firm, also 23 candidates of sciences work on our enterprise.
Two industrial bases have Our enterprise on the production of multi-purpose chemical goods, similarly on the base of enterprise there are a few laboratories in which conducted research and there is control of quality of products and raw material. Works are presently conducted on building and organization ofversatile chemical enterprise on the plot of land in 5ga. Our firm already almost 13 years occupies leading positions on Ukraine in supplying to industrial chemistry. An enterprise also works on the wounds of near foreignness, and more precisely it:

  • Russia;
  • Belorussia;
  • Kazakhstan;
  • Lithuania;
  • Moldova;
  • Germany;
  • Poland;
  • Estonia;
  • Romania, etc.

The enterprise carries out the research-and-production activity at own factories on manufacture of chemical production which includes:

  • Indicators
  • Acids
  • Glues
  • Components for accumulators
  • Surface-active substances
  • Preparations for galvanic productions
  • Preparations for fault detection and marking of surface
  • Preparations for energyenterprises
  • Preparations of phosphating
  • Siccatives
  • Compounds of Manganese
  • Compounds of Zinc
  • Lubricating cooling liquid (Coolant)
  • Facilities for anticorrosive defence of metallic surface
  • Facilities washings, cleaning, disinfectant
  • Stearatess of metals
  • Gumboils for soldering of Al, Cu, to stainless steel
  • Phosphates and pyrophosphates
  • Other technical chemistry
  • Domestic chemistry
  • Water treatment and waste water treatment
  • Greasing